Congenital Anomalies


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Exomphalos Major (Omphalocele)

Exomphalos Major (Omphalocele) in 4D Scan

Exomphalos major (omphalocele) is an anterior abdominal wall defect at the site of cord  insertion with herniation of abdominal contents mainly the liver and/or intestine.

It is a rare anomaly with an incidence of 1 in 5000 pregnancies and is usually accompanied with other malformations.

There is an increased risk of chromosomopathies and amniocentesis should be offered.

The 2D cross sectional and midsagittal scans can illustrate the defect and contents.

Measurement of the defect and the overall dimensions of the contents are mandatory to report.

4D ultrasound can obtain a representation of the anomaly. It can help in showing the defect in surface render and the contents in multislice (TUI) for better views and for organ relations and cord insertion.

Demonstration of the umbilical cord insertion on the mass is mandatory to confirm diagnosis and exclude gastroschisis as a differential diagnosis.



Congenital Anomalies Ultrasound Course

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In this online ultrasound course you will learn how to approach and diagnose common morphologic fetal congenital anomalies using 3D/4D ultrasound.

Head and Neck Anomalies

  1. Occipital Encephalocele.
  2. Congenital Hydrocephalus.
  3. Oropharyngeal Teratoma.
  4. Cystic Hygroma.

Thoracic Anomalies

  1. Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.
  2. Congenital Hydrothorax.

Fetal Abdominal Anomalies

  1. Hirschsprung Disease.
  2. Exomphalos Major.
  3. Gastroschisis.
  4. Duodenal Atresia.
  5. Small Intestinal Obstruction.

Fetal Renal Anomalies

  1. Congenital Hydronephrosis.
  2. ARPCKD (Potter Type I).
  • Fetal Back Anomalies
  1. Spina Bifida.
  2. Sacrococcygeal Teratoma.

Included Ultrasound Videos

  • Cystic Hygroma.
  • Congenital Hydrothorax (Pleural Effusion).
  • Pleural Effusion (Hydrothorax).
  • Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation (CCAM) of the Lung.
  • Exomphalos Major (Omphalocele).
  • Gastroschisis.
  • Hirschsprung Disease.
  • Congenital Hydronephrosis.
  • Congenital Hydronephrosis – Virtual Contrast Imaging (Omni View).
  • Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease (Potter Type I).
  • Bilateral Renal Agenesis.
  • TUI of Fetal Ovarian Cyst.
  • Sacrococcygeal Teratoma.
  • Conjoined Twins.

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