Nuchal Translucency Thickness (NTT)

First Trimester Ultrasound


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First Trimester Ultrasound Course Online

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Course Objectives and Target Skills

  1. What we can do: Brainstorming and Scanning Standards.
  2. Safe use of US machine and correct settings.
  3. Probe orientation, probe care and infection control (transabdominal and transvaginal).
  4. Confirmation of true intrauterine location of pregnancy.
  5. Detection of fetal cardiac activity and embryonic viability.
  6. Measurement of gestational sac diameter and crown rump length.
  7. Exclusion of early visceral, somatic or morphologic defects.
  8. Nuchal Translucency and screening for trisomies and genetic ultrasound.
  9. Doppler applications and uses in early pregnancy.
  10. Introduction to 4D ultrasound applications in early pregnancy.
  11. Accurate documentation of measurements.
  12. Producing written summary and interpretation of results and final reporting.
  13. Communicating normal or abnormal results to parents.
  14. Arranging appropriate follow up or intervention among multi-disciplinary team.

Standards of Obstetric Ultrasound

Obstetric ultrasound has become the most important investigation in the management of fetal/obstetric cases where decision making  with accurate timing of delivery of a healthy and mature fetus is important.

In this HD p720 video lecture you will learn:

  1. Early first trimester ultrasound standards and scanning techniques (4w+3d to 9w+6d).
    • Detection of an  early gestational sac using transvaginal ultrasound.
    • Characteristics of a healthy gestational sac.
    • Detection of embryonic cardiac pulsation with calculation of embryonic heart rate.
    • Estimation of gestational age  (GA).
      • Measurement of mean sac diameter (MSD).
      • Crown-Rump length (CRL) measurement.
    • Cervicometry (cervical assessment)
      • How to identify the level of internal os.
      • How to measure
        • Cervical inner-to-inner diameter.
        • The cervical length.
        • The cervical outer-to-outer muscle sleeve.
    • Volume acquisition technique and analysis.
    • Characteristics of a healthy yolk sac.
    • Exclusion of any associated pelvic cysts/masses.
  2. Late first trimester ultrasound scan (10w+0d till 13w+6d).
    • Confirmation of normal early fetal morphology.
    • Omni-view (vci-c) navigation.
    • Assessment of umbilical cord and chorionic tissue condensation.
    • Crown-Rump length (CRL).
    • Volume acquisition technique  and analysis.
    • Ductus Venosus flow assessment.
    • Fetal aorta flow assessment.
    • Cervicometry (cervical canal assessment).
    • Nuchal translucency thickness (NTT).
    • Multiplanar surface rendering.
  3. Second Trimester Anomaly Scan (18w till 22w).
    • Assessment of intracranial structures.
    • Measurement of BPD, OFD and HC.
    • Measurement of TCD and CM.
    • Assessment of the ventricular system.
    • Umbilical artery flow assessment.
    • Middle cerebral artery flow assessment.
    • Placental location and thickness.
    • Fetal aorta flow assessment.
    • Measurement of AC.
    • Measurement of FL.
    • Gender detection.
    • Assessment of the fetal heart.
    • Ductus venosus flow assessment.
    • Assessment of:
      • Intra-abdominal organs.
      • Normal facial morphology.
      • The uterine arteries.
    • Doppler on placental bed.
    • Reassessment of the fetal heart.
    • Assessment of fetal orbits and lens.

Included Ultrasound Videos

  • Missed Abortion.
  • Tubal Ectopic Pregnancy.
  • Cervical Ectopic Pregnancy.
  • Fetal Assessment in Early Pregnancy.
  • Standards of Early Pregnancy Ultrasound Reports.

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  • First Trimester Ultrasound Course 

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    • 3D and 4D Ultrasound – Technical Advise – How to Use
    • Routine Use of Obstetric Ultrasound
    • Ultrasound Evaluation of Normal Early Pregnancy
    • Sonoembryology
    • Ultrasound Evaluation of Abnormal Early Pregnancy
    • Ectopic Pregnancy
    • Trophoblastic Disease
    • Ultrasound Markers of Chromosomal Anomalies in First Trimester
    • Cervical Assessment
    • Multiple Pregnancy
  • First Trimester Ultrasound Videos 

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  • Explanatory Notes 

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    • Explanatory Notes: Routine Use of Obstetric Ultrasound
    • Explanatory Notes: Ultrasound Evaluation of Normal Early Pregnancy
    • Explanatory Notes: Sonoembryology
    • Explanatory Notes: Ultrasound Evaluation of Abnormal Early Pregnancy
    • Explanatory Notes: Ectopic Pregnancy
    • Explanatory Notes: Trophoblastic Disease
    • Explanatory Notes: Ultrasound Markers of Chromosomal Anomalies in First Trimester
    • Explanatory Notes: Multiple Pregnancy
    • Explanatory Notes: Cervical Assessment

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