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Enroll in Second Trimester Ultrasound Online Course

Panorama Scan | Ultrasound Course Lectures Preview

Second Trimester Ultrasound Online Course

Course Objectives and Target Skills

  1. Safe use of US machine and use of correct settings.
  2. Accurate measurement of BPD, HC, AC, FL.
  3. Accurate documentation of measurements and observations, including chart plotting.
  4. Assessment of liquor volume measurement of amniotic fluid index (AFI) and maximum vertical pocket depth (MVPD).
  5. Assessment of placental position using the trans-abdominal route.
  6. Arranging appropriate follow up or referral.
  7. Producing written summary and interpretation of results.
  8. Accurate measurements of TCD and lateral atrial diameter of the cerebral ventricles.
  9. Confirm normal anatomy of
    1. Central nervous system (brain and spine).
    2. Face.
    3. Heart and lungs.
    4. Gastro-intestinal tract.
    5. Genito-urinary system.
    6. Upper and lower limbs.
  10. Perform full anomaly scan.
  11. Recognise somatic, visceral or morphological structural anomalies.
  12. Locate and assess placenta.
  13. Assess liquor volume.
  14. Doppler applications and uses in mid-pregnancy.
  15. Introduction to 4D ultrasound applications in mid-pregnancy.

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