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Paymentwall Payment Gateway Update

Paymentwall Integration

We are happy to announce the completion of integration of Paymentwall as a secured payment gateway available on Panorama Scan. Our valued doctors and colleagues are now able to buy ultrasound courses/lectures online safely and securely using our new payment partner.

What is Paymentwall?

Paymentwall – The global digital commerce platform for selling digital goods and online services.

Paymentwall is the leading merchant of record digital commerce platform for selling digital content, goods, and services globally, assisting game publishers, dating sites, rewards sites, SaaS companies, and many other verticals.

Paymentwall provides state-of-the-art services such as 120+ localized payment options, fraud management, 24/7 international customer and merchant support, delivery confirmation and risk management APIs, sales and pricing optimization, UI/UX customization, skinnable checkout widgets and flows, VAT and sales tax management. Learn more about Paymentwall.

Online ultrasound courses/ lectures available.


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