Anomaly Scan


Level II Ultrasound.
Hands and technical skills are mandatory.
Moderate learning curve.

Total time: 19 minutes (click here to preview a demo).

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Anomaly Scan

A detailed anomaly scan, in the period of 18 to 22 weeks gestational age, is a great screening tool for a wide variety of congenital anomalies.

Systematic and meticulous ultrasound scan up to the standard guidelines is the corner-stone of increased sensitivity and specificity for diagnosing, or excluding fetal congenital anomalies after period of organogenesis.

In this HD p720 video lecture you will learn:

  1. Probe orientation.
  2. Full bladder technique.
  3. Fetal orientation.
  4. Fetal biometry.
  5. Volume acquisition of fetal limbs.
  6. Assessment of fetal brain.
  7. Fetal spine assessment.
  8. Assessment of fetal trunk.
  9. Basic assessment of fetal heart.
  10. Assessment of the fetal face.
  11. Umbilical cord assessment.
  12. Fetal aortic blood flow assessment.
  13. Ductus Venosus flow assessment.
  14. Assessment of the corpus callosum.
  15. Cervicometry.


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