Dandy Walker Malformation


Level II Ultrasound.
Hands and technical skills are mandatory.
Moderate learning curve.

Total time: 11 minutes (click here to preview a demo).

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Dandy Walker Malformation (DWM) (Tetra-ventriculomegaly)

Dandy Walker Malformation (DWM) is characterized by the association of:

  1. Hydrocephalus of variable degree of the all ventricular cavities of the brain.
  2. Cyst in the posterior cranial fossa.
  3. Cerebellar inferior vermian defect through which,
  4. The cyst communicates with the fourth ventricle.

In this HD p720 video lecture you will learn:

  • Etiology of DWM.
  • Embryologic Basis of DWM.
  • Dandy-Walker Postulate.
    • Theory of Benda.
    • Theory of Gardner.
  • DWM Continuum (Spectrum).
  • Ultrasound Diagnosis with all ultrasound modalities.
    • Multiplanar view (surface rendering).
    • Feto-Realistic View (FRV).
    • Multislice View (tomographic ultrasound imaging – TUI).
    • Crystal Vue.


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