Doppler in 3rd Trimester


Level II Ultrasound.
Hands and technical skills are mandatory.
Moderate learning curve.

Total time: 9 minutes (click here to preview a demo).

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Standards of Doppler in Third Trimester

Doppler ultrasound is one of the most important tools in the management of fetal/obstetric cases where decision making  with accurate timing of delivery is important.

In this HD p720 video lecture you will learn:

  1. Fetal biometry for confirmation of gestational age.
  2. How to acquire middle cerebral artery (MCA) Doppler with normal reference ranges calculation.
    • Normal values of MCA.
    • What is a diastolic gap.
  3. Why and how to acquire fetal aortic ( FA) blood flow velocities.
    • Ranges of angle of insonation.
    • Normal flow velocity ranges.
    • How to correlate with gestational age.
  4. How to acquire umbilical artery (UA) Doppler.
    • Normal flow ranges in different gestational ages.
  5. How to acquire Ductus Venosus blood flow.
    • Normal/abnormal waveforms.


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