Level II Ultrasound.
Hands and technical skills are mandatory.
Moderate learning curve.

Total time: 13 minutes (click here to preview a demo).

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Occipital Encephalocele (Cephalocele)

Encephalocele is a cystic mass seen at the back of the head due to protrusion of the contents of the posterior cranial fossa through a bony defect at the occiput.

In this HD p720 video lecture you will learn:

  1. Definition.
  2. Hallmarks for ultrasound diagnosis.
  3. Multiplanar manual navigation of acquired volumes.
  4. Types of occipital encephalocele.
  5. Tomographic ultrasound imaging (TUI).
  6. Omni-view navigation.
  7. Occipital encephalocele in 2D planes using 4D View.
  8. 2D real time  scan analysis.
  9. 4D Surface rendering.
  10. Skeletal mode assessment.
  11. Extended assessments.
  12. Exclusion of associated spinal defects.


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