First Trimester Ultrasound


Level I and II Ultrasound.
Hands and technical skills are mandatory for some topics.
Moderate learning curve.

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First Trimester Ultrasound Course 

Course Objectives and Target Skills

  1. What we can do: Brainstorming and Scanning Standards.
  2. Safe use of US machine and correct settings.
  3. Probe orientation, probe care and infection control (transabdominal and transvaginal).
  4. Confirmation of true intrauterine location of pregnancy.
  5. Detection of fetal cardiac activity and embryonic viability.
  6. Measurement of gestational sac diameter and crown rump length.
  7. Exclusion of early visceral, somatic or morphologic defects.
  8. Nuchal Translucency and screening for trisomies and genetic ultrasound.
  9. Doppler applications and uses in early pregnancy.
  10. Introduction to 4D ultrasound applications in early pregnancy.
  11. Accurate documentation of measurements.
  12. Producing written summary and interpretation of results and final reporting.
  13. Communicating normal or abnormal results to parents.

Arranging appropriate follow up or intervention among multi-disciplinary team.

Course Program, Curriculum and Contents

 Slides  (pptx)  Notes (pdf)
I 1 Routine Use of Obstetric Ultrasound 23  6
2 Ultrasound Evaluation of Normal Early Pregnancy 17  3
3 Sonoembryology 65  9
4 Ultrasound Markers of Chromosomal Anomalies in First Trimester 28  3
5 Ultrasound Evaluation of Abnormal Early Pregnancy 31  7
6 Ectopic Pregnancy 40  5
7 Trophoblastic Disease 40  6
8 Cervical Assessment 11  2
9 Multiple Pregnancy 38  7




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