Gynecological Ultrasound


Level I and II Ultrasound.
Hands and technical skills are mandatory for some topics.
Moderate learning curve.

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Gynecological Ultrasound Course

Course Objectives and Target Skills

  1. Selection and setup of the US machine to ensure safe and optimal use to include appropriate probe selection and orientation.
  2. Accurate measurement of the endometrium in the accepted sagittal plane.
  3. Assessment of the adnexal regions: accurate identification of the normal ovaries, normal Fallopian tube, normal pelvic fluid.
  4. Accurate measurement of normal and abnormal adnexal structures: mean diameter and volume.
  5. Recognise and evaluate common:
    1. Endometrial and myometrial abnormalities.
    2. Ovarian abnormalities.
  6. Recognise and evaluate complex ovarian cysts and masses.
  7. Doppler applications and uses in gynecology.
  8. Introduction to 3D ultrasound applications in gynecology.
  9. Patient communication.
  10. Producing written summary and interpretation of results.
  11. Issue structured written report.
  12. Arranging appropriate follow up or intervention among multi-disciplinary team.

Course Program, Curriculum and Contents

 Slides  (pptx)  Notes (pdf)
III 24 Normal Gynecological Anatomy (Uterus, Tubes and Ovaries) 17  2
25 Ultrasound of Gynecological Pathology of the Uterus 18  4
26 Ultrasound of Gynecological Pathologies of Fallopian Tubes and Ovaries 31  6




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