Level II Ultrasound.
Hands and technical skills are mandatory.
Moderate learning curve.

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Hydrocephalus in 3D/4D Ultrasound

In this 41 powerpoint (pptx) slides ultrasound lecture you will learn:

  • Definition of hydrocephalus.
  • The cerebro-spinal fluid circulation.
  • Sites of obstruction.
  • Classification of hydrocephalus.
  • Incidence of hydrocephalus.
  • Diagnostic criteria.
    • Biometric criteria.
      • The LVW/HW ratio.
      • Measurement of the atria (antral width).
    • Morphologic criteria.
      • Online examination of morphologic criteria.
        • 2D ultrasound online examination.
        • Volumetric ultrasound online examination.
          • Tomographic ultrasound imaging (TUI).
          • 3D/4D volume navigation.


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