Volumetric Fetal Echocardiography


Level III Ultrasound.
Hands and technical skills are mandatory.
Long learning curve.

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Volumetric Fetal Echocardiography Course

Course Objectives and Target Skills

  1. What is volumetric fetal echocardiography.
  2. Marking and processing the normal fetal cardiac anatomy.
  3.  Exploring and solving the problems of acquisition of cardiac volumes.
  4. What is spatio-temporal image correlation (STIC).
  5. Classic Manual Navigation Rendering Modes:
    • Multiplanar mode.
    • Surface mode  (thick slice and thin slice).
    • Inversion mode.
    • Multislice imaging (tomographic ultrasound imaging).
    • Manual Navigation technique.
  6. Classic Semi-automated Mode (Sono-VCAD Heart).
  7. Recent Semi-automated Modes (5D Heart).
  8. STIC Volume Acquisition Prerequisites and Technique.
  9. Solving the problems of acquisition of cardiac volumes.
  10. The novel SonoCubic FINE (5D Heart) – The Anatomic Box.
  11. The novel SonoCubic FINE (5D Heart) – VIS-Assistance.

Course Program, Curriculum and Contents

  1. General Concepts.
  2. Acquisition Techniques.
  3. Acquisition problems.
  4. 5D Heart – The Anatomic Box.
  5. 5D Heart – Virtual Intelligent Sonographic Assistant (VISA).