5D Panorama Scan

2D, 3D/4D and 5D Ultrasound Detailed Anomaly Scan + 3D Power Doppler Flowmetry.

  • Time of ultrasound scan: 18 – 22 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Number of fetuses.
  • Visualization of the fetal lie and presentation at time of scan.
  • Confirmation of fetal viability and measurement of fetal heart rate.
  • Assessment of growth parameters and fetal weight using fetal biometry and growth curves.
  • Confirmation of normal fetal morphology.
  • Detection of  detectable congenital anomalies.
  • Detection of placental location thickness and distance from internal os.
  • Assessment of amniotic fluid.
  • Confirmation of fetal sex.
  • Assessment of blood flow in fetal circulation through measuring and reporting of:
    • Flow in umbilical artery (resistive index in umbilical artery).
    • Flow all over the fetal body (mean velocity in fetal aorta).
    • Perfusion to the fetal brain (resistive index and peak systolic velocity of middle cerebral artery).
    • Perfusion in fetal liver (ductus venosus wave form shape ).
    • Uterine artery flow (resistive index).
  • Route of ultrasound scan: Transabdominal.
  • Available 5D Ultrasound Services:
    • 5D CNS and 5D CNS+.
    • 5D Heart and 5D Heart Color.
    • 5D NT.
    • 5D Limb Volume.
    • 5D Follicle.
    • Feto-Realistic View (FRV).
    • Crystal Vue.

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