Early Pregnancy Ultrasound

Early Pregnancy Ultrasound Essentials

  • Time of ultrasound scan: from 5th till 13w + 6d.
  • Early detection of gestational sac(s).
  • Number of gestational sac(s).
  • Location of gestational sac(s).
  • Early detection of yolk sac(s).
  • Early detection of embryo(s).
  • Confirmation of embryonic viability and measurement of embryonic heart rate.
  • Assessment of
    • Chorionic tissue condensation.
    • Amniotic fluid.
    • Normal embryonic growth and anatomy.
  • Screening  for aneuploidy (ultrasound markers of Down’s syndrome).
    • Measuring of nuchal skin thickening (NTT), nasal bone, ductus venosus flowmetry.
  • Detection of early congenital anomalies.
  • Cervical canal assessment for screening of incompetent internal os.
  • Detection of
    • Molar pregnancy.
    • Ectopic pregnancy.
    • Uterine congenital malformations.
  • Route of ultrasound scan: Transvaginal.

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